An artistic oasis

Cooperative Gallery brings clients in direct contact with creators

Farfelu Westmount is an excellent example of ‘small is beautiful’. Tucked away behind Sherbrooke St. and Victoria Ave. in lower Westmount, this charming little boutique brings together a diverse group of talented artists, many of whom are leading exponents in their respective disciplines. The ‘metiers d’art’ on display show off a superb array of contemporary, one-of-kind creative works by the artists: Sylvie Bouchard (painting on silk & wool), Don Goddard (pottery), Linda Dupuis(silver art jewellery), Peter Hamilton (pottery), Lydia Ilarion and Marin Marino (pure gold & silver art jewellery), Brenda S. Mader (pottery), , Marie J. Francoeur (writing instruments),Brenda S. Mader (pottery), Eva F. Reichmann (ceramics-sculpture),
Suzanne Messier (beads jewelry), Marko Savard (fine woodwork),Richard Dupuis (pottery-sculpture) and Annik Nabot ( fine glass).

What makes Farfelu Westmount unique is the decision of this eclectic mix of artists to run the boutique as a cooperative. Since its opening 20 years ago, the artist co-owners have shared all the tasks from arranging the interior space to creating the much anticipated window displays. The goal is to ‘mind the store’ and personally serve their customers - many local friends, others from exotic locales.This means, that on any given day, you may meet the very creator of the art piece that interests you. Customers really enjoy this convivial aspect of Farfelu Westmount, namely, the chance to chat with the artists and gain valuable insights into their work. Feedback exchanged between artist and client ensures that inventory is kept up-to-date and represents the artist’s very latest output.

Drop by the oasis for one of Montreal’s best kept secrets: a unique shopping experience that offers exceptional art pieces, reflecting a rich tapestry of artistic backgrounds, all gathered under the farfelu banner.

Farfelu Cooperative Gallery
39 Somerville, Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 1J3

514 488 3163

Open everyday from Monday to Friday - 10 a.m to 6 p.m. and on Saturday - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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